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Bob Paine (Richland, WA) 6/25/07

I spent an hour or two on the website; you've done a great job. I have a question regarding the audio files: do you plan to add audio of WCBS covering the JFK assassination, and the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy?

Jeff Miller had them [JFK-coverage] on his site. He had an audio section some years ago but it's been gone for two or three years or more. I'll see what I come up with from other sites...I know the audio was on one or two. Will let you know if I find something.

BTW, I was in 7th grade in Preston CT at the time. We'd just come back from lunch and were working on a couple ten-question exercises when the school secretary came into the room. "Mr. Hughes, do you have a radio or anything? The President and the Governor have just been shot." She did a 180-degree half-circle turn and walked out. Next memory is hearing the voice of CBS Radio's Alan Jackson saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States is dead", followed by the National Anthem. Well, so much for trivia....

Thanks again,
Robert Paine
Richland WA

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