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George Reading (former WCBS anchor, 1968-71) 3/8/07.

I picked Steinbeck Country: Monterey, CA [to retire to] - a small cottage overlooking the Pacific. Gateway to the wild and rugged Big Sur coast.

I left NY about the same time Ed Bradley left for Paris. Not to Washington but to San Francisco.

California Heartland Reading Bio

What a great nostalgic trip of many mixed memories wandering your impressive web site. Congratulations. Well done. None of us could have imagined in 1967 the technology that made it possible. Although most of my career was in TV, I did have one more stint with newsradio: anchoring morning drive on KNX in the mid '80's while also hosting a TV news journal at PBS, Hollywood. It was the end of my CBS days which began in the '50's as a news stringer in Albany, NY for CBS TV (when Robert Trout anchored what was then a network-prepared newscast in NY) and, in the '60's managing the CBS TV News Station bureau in Washington DC.

Very much enjoyed your writing, Don. Thanks for bringing so much history together so well for us old newsies. George

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