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Charles Sanzone (Gaslight Review Site) 8/17/06

Don, I found your website while looking up Ken Lamb to verify he was still with ABC TV.

About 1968, the Explorer Scouts let Evander Childs High School (Bronx) Radio Club to record and broadcast spots at the Boy Scout Scout-A-Ree at Flushing Medows Park. I was president of that radio club at the time and was one of the anchor positions. I believe there were about eight student groups to originally make eight spots. Things went so well we made a few extra spots.

Each of the eight groups consisted of student positions anchor, reporter and technician. I was impressed, when they were finished cutting up a reel of Scotch 111 tape, they ran a razor blade through the tape cutting it off the 7" plastic reel for desposal.

I wonder if any of the WCBS station personalities or engineering staff celebrating on your site remember that event. About 1967-1968, once a month on a Monday, we visited WCBS studios to prepare for the event. We got to see the main control room with reels of "The Young Sound" on FM, the shock isolated broadcast rooms and news rooms.

Just recalling WCBS News Radio 88 history, I remember the on-air personality (his name escapes me at this moment) told us about the plane hitting the antenna causing WINS to be the first all news program since the FM was not so popular at the time.

I recall the news format with a sole anchor at first. Then when they went to dual anchors, things went too fast for me to keep up, so I switched to WINS for a while until they too did the dual anchor thing.

Here are some comments about the excellent quality sound files. Listening to that sound file of the first all news broadcasts on the FM facility, the voice is the same voice of "The Young Sound". The sound files are quite big and could be made smaller perserving most of the sound quality. Feel free to visit and listen to my Easy Listening websites. The links are below my signature. Ken Lamb has visited them, as evidenced by his comments, but as far as I know, he doesn't have the PC to listen to the sound. That may have changed.

Charles Sanzone

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