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Edward Schwartz (former technical supervisor WCBS) 7/11/05

How can you ever forget, "Don't let them tell you what they said, hear them say it." To be followed by, "Hear it now," followed by ... whatever. Barry [Siegfried] sent me the note with the URL of the web site. Very impressive! Of course it does remind me that I really missed the hey-day of 88. I arrived in 88 just after Artie Volsted and Fred Barbieri left. Just after News Star arrived and the typewriters left. Just after combo started. Just after Ed Kiernan, Harvey Nagler and Bernie Gershon arrived. Just after the last great WGA strike. Just after Rica [Rinzler] left. Just after Bob Vaughn left. Just in time to phase out Ampro cart machines, Scully 280 tape decks, the Maytag and master control. And we never did get that system to automate the commercial playout to work. More later.

Ed Schwartz
Now Vice President of Broadcast Engineering
XM Satellite Radio
Washington, DC

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