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Ray Sills (technician, CBS Sports) 7/6/05

Bob Maickel forwarded to me the address of your WCBS site. Nicely done! I looked through many of the pages, and it was great to see the names of so many of my colleagues from WCBS radio.

In my case, I had left WCBS in July of 1975 (egad.. that's 30 years ago!).. and took a job in CBS TV's Sound Effects Department, as did several other WCBS techs, like Phil Cecchini, Joe Cabibbo, Bob Maickel, and Carl Hall. Joe Basile, Julius McLaughlin, Irv Elias, and Jerry Jaick went into TV's show crews department.

In 1987, I became technical supervisor of the department, and at the end of 1997, I left my staff position (so I could take a lump sum pension settlement before the rules changed) and am still working freelance for CBS in what has now become the Audio Post Production department. I also work for CBS Sports on weekends during the football season for the NFL Today broadcast. And last Labor Day, I became a grandpa for the first time!

I hope you've been well and I hope you keep the web site going!

73 de Ray

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