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Doug Spero (former WCBS Reporter) 10/27/05

Hello Dear Don: I hope better late than never! Your Hero, Doug Spero, checking-in from lovely Raleigh, North Carolina, where there is NEVER any news, and the old "Master of Disaster" kind of likes it like that, for a change! Still can't believe that a middle-income kid from Franklin Square, Long Island, ever made it to NYC broadcasting, no less WCBS-Radio!. After my divorce with NBC (after 18 years) in 1990 (hired for staff there at age 23!), I thought it would be all over when I was "shown the door" but then NewsRadio 88 to the rescue for the beginning of my 5 favorite years in the business!

I finally left the "Big Apple" in 1995 to become News Director for 2 ABC-TV affiliates (one in Virginia & one in North Carolina). During my 30 year broadcast news career, I worked for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost (NBC, CBS, & ABC) at one time or another (not to mention Mutual 1969-72). With the exception of Mutual, WCBS was the best place that I ever worked (and to this day I thank Harvey, Bernie, and Terry for giving me the shot). I think that is partly true because you don't have to deal with as many idiots as you do in TV!

Anyway, I was out of radio for a long time and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go back. But thanks to so many of you....I guess I faked-it pretty well! I felt honored to be with all of you each day I was there and I learned so much! Once leaving the 90 second live shots at WNBC-TV, it was tough to go 8-10 minutes live, at times, during "big-breakers". Rich Lamb to the rescue: "Hey Doug, just describe what you see" ...Then the tips and help from so many others...too many to mention. Kind of ironic, but for all of the days I served as a reporter at WNBC-TV, it was NewsRadio 88 that gave me the most visibility in NY. Every time someone saw my credit card they wanted me to do a NewsRadio 88 sign-off!

What do you do when you leave broadcasting?: Go into teaching or public relations, or start a media training business. Oh well, two out of 3 ain't bad! Now teaching media at Meredith College here in Raleigh and I have put together a side business: Triangle Media Coaching ( I still have some tapes from some of my airwork. Let me know if you need anything...I might have it (including a promo on the LIRR shooting!).

Don, again, I just feel so honored to have worked with all of you. I always look back on the staff that complemented the station between 1990 and 1995 and I feel as though I was playing on a "dynasty" team. So good of you to put together the website. One more sign-off please: Doug Spero, NewsRadio 88!

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