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John D. Talbott, Marietta, Georgia 1/19/07.

I found your Recollections of NewsRadio88 page this evening. Great memories!

Is there any way I could get a hold of recordings -- or at the very least, scripts/transcripts -- of the famous Gramercy Park Clothes commercials?

I used to commute to Manhattan by car in the late 1960's and listened practically exclusively to 880AM. I heard the Gramercy Park Clothes commercials so often that I committed most of them to memory. But memories fade and what I probably remember is parts of more than one, which I've written down "for the hell of it." As an ex-pat Yankee now in Georgia, I can't tell you how many Southerners I've charmed and wowed with my imitation of that rich New York accent in that commercial. Often, while driving in heavy Atlanta traffic, I will recite that commercial aloud to myself to help while away the time.

Below is my recollection of the complete commercial -- or combinations of two or more -- that you might want to post for your readers.

Sincerely yours,
John D. Talbott
Marietta, Georgia

* * * * *

Gramercy Park 60-Second Radio Spot, Circa 1968

Gramercy Park Clothes, of 61 West 23rd Street in New York says:

Men who are doctors, lawyers, eyeglass wearers, subway riders, music lovers, sports lovers, and clothing lovers all buy their clothes at Gramercy Park. After 78 years in the clothing business, Gramercy Park will sell you a suit, topcoat, sports coat, or a pair of slacks. And in these days of cockeyed prices, Gramercy Park is an eye-opener. We'd rather sell a million suits at a buck profit than one suit at a million profit. That's called "economics." We don't understand it either but it pays the rent.

Come to the factory warehouse building at 61 West 23rd Street. Go to the second floor and walk through the big iron gate. Talk to one of our clothing salesmen, Bearded Mike or Bela the Fella. When they sell you a suit, topcoat, sports coat, or a pair of slacks, you can actually see a tear forming in the corner of their eye as you walk out the door with the goods. What clothing salesmen!

Gramercy Park Clothes is open Monday through Saturday, nine to five, and Sunday ten to four. Master Charge, BankAmericard, and American Express welcome.

That's Gramercy Park Clothes, 61 West 23rd Street-61 West 23rd Street-in New York.

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