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WNY WxMan (former WABC meterologist) 1/24/07.

Don, you don't know me. But in my late teenage years, I was an occasional weather watcher for Gordon Barnes and Bob Harris. This was back in 1969 through 1971. I don't have any complete audio recordings of their weathercasts back then. What I do have is on reel to reel and it would take weeks to find them. Plus, I have moved several times since moving away from Parsippany NJ. I now reside in a suburb of Rochester here in the real upstate of "western New York."

I noticed there was a gap of information as to the on air talent for the meteorologists, starting in 1966. I might be able to help you in that regard, I have a pretty good memory for that sort of thing.

Also, Alan Kasper is now in NJ at 101 point 5. He might also be able to help, as he worked with Gordon Barnes from 1970 to 72, while doing his other weekend work at channel 2, starting in June 1971. In my later years, I was AM and PM drivetime meteorologist for WABC Talkradio 77, 1986-89. I worked with Alan B. Colmes, later with Gil Gross and Bob Grant. I also know and worked with Harley Carnes, now on the radio network.

I really enjoy the website you created. Just as much as the Monitor Tribute page that also exists. Any help I can offer in the weather regard, let me know. I will try to put together a list of the on-air weather talent for the radio side, especially the period prior to 1981, when Craig Weiner (Allen) took it over.

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