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Left. The watercolor of a handsome Ambrose Bierce as a lieutenant in the Ninth Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, during the Civil War was painted by Tom Redman from a photograph taken ca 1863. Bierce was wounded in the conflict.

Center. Bierce fought at the battle of Chickamauga in Georgia, September 1863. Many years later he wrote one of his most compelling Civil War stories, Chickamauga. It's about an innocent child who stumbles into unspeakable horror during the battle. Tom's painting shows the 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry charging the rebels' Texas Brigade. The artist is also a Civil War reenactor.

Right. Tom's most recent painting, with a Civil War backdrop, depicts Bierce at various stages of his life. The image on the lower left, showing Bierce in a bowler hat, was based on a photograph taken in 1912, a year before his disappearance.

Paintings Tom Redman 2000-2001-2003. All rights reserved

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