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William Brown (listener, New York City) 9/17/06

It was nice to see Brian Madden's still alive and well and doing fine. Only I don't remember him on 88 (obviously wasn't listening to the time periods he was on from 1972-75, during his stint there), but rather as occasional fill-in anchor during the overnights and weekends on rival 1010 WINS in the latter half of the '70's and probably into the '80's (and occasional TV work on WNEW-TV, now WNYW). Likewise, in terms of Bill Littauer's radio gigs, I remember him more from WINS than WCBS (again, the latter half of the '70's), though he's probably more associated (and correct me if I'm mistaken) with WPIX/Ch. 11 where he worked for many years. Even now I can hear Brian's voice in my head, which is an indication of its memorability factor.

Also, is it my imagination, or did Jesse Elin Browne (a voiceover artist who was the first female staff announcer for WOR-TV, now WWOR) do fill-in anchor work a la Mr. Madden at WCBS later in the decade? I have a vague recollection of her, too, filling in from time to time on WINS, though here as well my mind may be playing tricks on me . . .

But as always, I'm appreciative of such opportunities to learn the nuts and bolts from those who were there then, and those who also remember the "golden days."

-- William Brown, New York City.

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