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Chris Miller (news anchor, WBT, Charlotte, NC) 9/14/06

Many thanks for your WCBS appreciation page! I am not in any way affiliated with Newsradio 88, so I guess my gratitude for your page may not mean as much as those that have been posted on your page. I am, however, an admirer of WCBS-AM, both past and present, although my knowledge of the WCBS of the past is limited to the airchecks and mp3's I have heard on your website and others. It wasn't until I was in college down here in Charlotte, NC that I discovered WCBS through the static of my radio. Since then I've become something of a fan of the station. I sometimes catch myself listening to WCBS more than the station I grew up listening to and now work for, WBT-AM. My main reason for listening to so much of WCBS is to study how news anchors and reporters in "the big city" cover news. I think I've become a better anchor/reporter at WBT because of "studying" WCBS from afar.

Again, many thanks for the work you've put into the WCBS page. It's greatly "appreciated."

Chris Miller
News Anchor
News-Talk 1110 WBT
One Julian Price Place
Charlotte, NC 28208

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