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Brian Madden (ex-WCBS anchor) 9/13/06

Hello, Don: I've just been going over your web site chronicling the days of 88. Very nice job, however....MY NAME IS MISSING!!??

I know, I know, I was just one of those overnight and weekend morning anchor/reporters, but I was there for three years, '72-75, and I managed to marry the most beautiful desk assistant 88 ever had: Isabel ('75). We have a son, now 30, who works for another former anchor guy at 88, Bill Littauer, owner of American Television News, an independent outlet that shoots tons of video for news operations all over the planet.

Actually, when I was at 88, I was freelancing at UPITN ('73-74) for Reese Schonfeld prior to his co-founding CNN, and the TV Food Network, where I worked also in the '80s and '90s.

It was at 88, too, when I used to drive to work in my Winnebago motorhome and park it outside on 52nd Street, and then head up to the Catskills, where I continue to hang out. Those were the days of Jerry Nachman, John Lancellotti, and Lou Freizer behind the desk. Gary Maurer, Gibson, Littauer, and I held down the overnights.

There's no need to go over all the in-betweens, but now I'm teaching at SUNY Oneonta (Broadcast Announcing, Broadcast Journalism, Public Speaking, Interviewing), and playing my saxophone every week in various Catskill venues.

Isabel, has just written a new book, Tattoed Walls, and she's written a book of recipes used at the Mezza Luna restaurants. She has been involved in movie-making, too, as an actor, set designer, costumes, etc. Stay healthy, Don, and keep up the web site, as they say in today's parlance: "It rocks!"

Oh, the vagaries of ego! Alas, I am cut to the quick. How vain of me to have suspected I would be remembered forthwith. Just call me: Madden, Brian

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