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David M. Saviet (CBS Network) 9/18/06

My name is Dave Saviet and have worked at the CBS network for nearly 30 years. My wife Annette, worked as a news writer for WCBS AM in the 70's and before going on to law was also a news writer at the network. Over the years I have collected hours of tape and among my recordings are a few from WCBS AM. If you'd like to have copies, I'd be happy to send them to you. I can e-mail them to you as attachments if you tell me what coding your prefer and what bit rate works best for you. The only audio from 88 that I am still looking for (and I do have it. I just can't remember which dat I saved it on) is the recording of Tony Brunton reporting on the story in rather graphic terms. I doubt the tape ever made air. At the time Ed Joyce was I believe news director and gave the report a thumbs down. If you knew Brunton, this was pretty funny stuff even though the report is in bad taste. Dave

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