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Herb Starr (Former Albany Bureau Chief, WCBS) 2/4/06.

Dear Don: As one who filed for NR 88 from this Capitol back when it all started [1967], Edwards-Athens [go to soundfiles for Douglas Edwards-Art Athens interview] sent chills up my spine, reminding me (again) how the business has changed--and not always for the good. Unfortunately, naturals like Edwards, Wallace et al, are either dead or almost.

Today, the Roundup, while cleared by the affiliate (WROW) here, is routinely and outrageously chopped in mid-sentence--just 2 min. into it--for the so-called local news, which is routinely the realm of amateurs.

Ironically, we stumbled upon your site in attempts to note to someone at the NET that the unmemorable voice of today's 3 o'clock eastern made two blatant slips: The first, in an intro to a Coretta King piece, referring to her body with laying (instead of lying), the second using restauranteur, not the correct restaurateur, sans n.

We've e-mailed your link to two erstwhile broadcasters (one a friend and admirer of Edwards) whom I know will celebrate your great audio pantheon as well and most likely give it appropriate currency.

Best Wishes, Herb Starr, Albany

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