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Ripley's grandparents on his mother's side, the Cummings

Ripley's family home, Cummings, Ohio, restored in 1978

Ripley's one sibling, Stanley, who died of alcoholism soon after this picture, ca 1919 Ripley and parents, Cummings, Ohio, CA 1900


Ripley riding with Pershing after Pancho Villa, Mexico, 1916

Ripley, in civilian white suit, interviewing Pershing, New Mexico 1916 Ripley, war correspondent, Leyte, WW2 (hatless passing cigarette to soldier) Ripley (in glasses) as war correspondent, WW 2, Philippines



Fleur, Ripley's first wife, Paris 1921

Ripley's first publisher, Ralph Knott (Dirthill Press) and wife Carol at their wedding, Paris, 1922 Frannie Schmidt, one of Ripley's lovers, ca 1927

Ripley in Paris, 1921, in hat at far left

Ripley's final home, Uhlerstown, PA, ca 1957

Ripley's final companion, Jill Castenberry, with her brother, Jack, ca 1948, prior to her meeting Ripley Jill Castenberry, ca 1948, cropped image

Ripley's second wife, Sally, days before her suicide, Sag Harbor, 1939 Ripley marching with Lincoln Brigade, Spain, 1958 (Ripley, white shirt, fist raised) Ripley testifying before HUAC, 1952 Ripley, Bucks County, 1964, shortly before his death
Postcard from Dorothy Parker to Ripley, 1936



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