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The Official Stuart Cummings Website is a project of the Bucks County Writers Workshop, based in Doylestown, PA, and aimed at advancing the power of the written word by peer review. The SCR Site was launched in July 2006, and as a new Internet entry is a work in progress.

Each summer the BCWW attempts a group project, each one diverse, and each designed to challenge the skills of members as writers.

Original design for the SCR Site is the work of Al Sirois, graphic artist, web designer, and musician, Pipersville, PA. Many of the illustrations, including the "Ripley Fun Page." were created by Jack Stewart, graphic designer, New Hope, PA.


Mary Jane Aklonis, Lambertville, NJ, contributed Ripley and T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)

Winnie Bangert, formerly of Doylestown and now Hyde County, North Carolina, wrote The Loves in Ripley's Life.

Chris Bauer, Doylestown, PA, researched and wrote Ripley versus the HUAC, 1952.

Jacqueline Callin, Fairless Hills, PA, wrote S.C. Ripley: Lover of Horses.

Al Honig, Doylestown, PA, provided the site with The Day I Met Ripley.

Grace Marcus, Doylestown, PA, wrote The Literary Legacy of S.C. Ripley.

George Plimpton (r.i.p.), New York City, interviewed Ripley in 1954 for The Paris Review.

John Scioli, Jamison, PA, contributed The Poetry of S.C. Ripley.

Alan Shils, Warwick, PA, wrote Ripley, Correspondent in World War Two. Shils also "discovered" the Rpiley "will" that proved to be a forgery.

Al Sirois, Pipersville, PA, fashioned the Ripley Gallery page, as well as basic site design.

Jack Stewart, New Hope, PA, discovered the Ripley dispatch from Madrid, 1939, the 1936 postcard to Ripley from Dorothy Parker, and contributed the SCR Fun page.

Don Swaim, New Britain Township, PA, supplied the Ripley Biography, Ripley Timeline, and Ripley Bibliography-First Editions.

Jules Winistorfer, Bensalem, PA, contributed Ripley in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39.

Connie Wrzesniewski, Doylestown, PA, wrote Ripley's obituary for the Bucks County Banner.

Pete Hamstring, Upper Black Eddy, PA, wrote about plans to give the old Ripley home landmark status for the Bucks County Banner. Hamstring also uncovered a Ripley plagiariam and a forged Ripley will.


The SCR Site is an ongoing project with the expectation of additional contributions and the expansion of existing pages.

While membership in the BCWW is limited, newcomers are welcome. There are no fees, except for a modest annual assessment to pay for a required insurance policy. The workshop meets twice a month at Lenape Middle School (winter, spring, fall) and the Bucks County Free Library (summer), both in Doylestown. The BCWW has no connection to the former Writers Room of Bucks County nor its successors.

For additional information contact Don Swaim

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