Ripley and Gen. Pershing, Mexico 1916
Ripley with Gen. Pershing
Mexico, 1916

Historical Perspectives

Ripley in Mexico after Pancho Villa, 1916 [to come]
Ripley in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39  by Jules C. Winistorfer
Ripley Dispatch From Madrid, 1939 [pdf file]  Jack Stewart happened upon this article in the Ashtabula, Ohio, Star Beacon archive. It's clear Ripley cares little for Spanish dictator Franco.
Ripley and T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)  by Mary Jane Aklonis.
Ripley, Correspondent in World War Two  by A. Scmiles [Alan Shils discovered this article]
Ripley as Expatriate; Paris, Early 1920s [to come]
Ripley versus HUAC, 1952  by Knute Isinglass [Thanks to Chris Bauer for finding this article]
Ripley Bucks County Home Headed for Landmark Status  by Pete Hamill, Bucks County Banner

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