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Fun with Stuart Cummings Ripley
by Jack Stewart

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Ripley's Many Guises

Ripley as Carrot Top

As Hitler

As Lawrence of Arabia

As Pancho Villa

Ripley as Savador Dali

As Teddy Roosevelt

As William Howard Taft

I received two interesting photos from Stuart Cummings Ripley's period in Jerusalem, when he was riding with Lawrence of Arabia. The first is a photo taken of him with his "arab" look [above, top row]. Although Lawrence did not wear a beard, obviously Stuart took on the typical garb and facial hair from the Middle East. The other photo is Interesting as well. Although, not identified specifically, Abdullah Fey [below] may have been the secret homosexual spy that Lawrence and Stuart abused. He does look a little swarthy, I suppose. Definitely not my type. Anyway, this photo was passed to me from a friend who works at the CIA. -- Jack

Abdullah Fey

I was searching through the archives of The Nation, the oldest liberal journal in the United States! I found an abstract dated July 31, 1954 [below], describing an interview in The Nation to discuss five articles Ripley wrote for the New York World-Telegram to expose the activities of Joseph McCarthy. No wonder the HUAC was after him. -- Jack

Abstract, The Nation, 1954

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